Balkan stability pact chief sees Kosovo independence as inevitable

Busek calls the Serb position “unrealistic,” and expects that Kosovo will eventually win the bid for independence.

As Serbian and Kosovo leaders met in Vienna on 24 July to discuss the status of Kosovo, Mr. Erhard Busek, special EU coordinator for the Balkans, told the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, that talks will lead to independence eventually:

“It is indeed a long process, but in the end it will all result in independence,” Mr. Busek said.

He also estimated that the high-level meeting of Serbian and Kosovo leaders was in itself already a success, even though there have been little concrete results so far.
In another interview, Mr. Busek stated that Kosovo Albanians already took independence as a reality and therefore, Serb insistence on a status of autonomy was unrealistic.

U.S. envoy for the Kosovo status, Frank Wisner, urged Serbia to be more flexible in negotiations over the future of Kosovo. Belgrade should “play a constructive role in the ongoing negotiations to ensure a peaceful, democratic Kosovo that protects the rights of all its residents,” reads a U.S. embassy statement.

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