Bulgaria convinced Kozloduy ruling will not harm its EU membership bid

The Bulgarian Government said the ruling of the
Supreme Administrative Court against the early closure of
Kozloduy nuclear units 3 and 4 would not harm the country’s
accession negotiations with EU.

On 28 March, Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Court
confirmed an earlier ruling, revoking the Government’s
decision to close units 3 and 4 of the Kozloduy nuclear
power plant in 2006. The EU insists that the 2006 deadline
for the closure is a condition for Bulgaria’s accession to
the Union in 2007.

The Government filed three appeals
against the Court’s decision in March, arguing that the
case should not have been reviewed by the Court since
foreign policy decisions were not subject to judicial
control. However, the second ruling cannot be appealed.

Nevertheless, the Government is
convinced the ruling will not derail its negotiations to
join the EU. The energy chapter dealing with nuclear safety
was closed in October 2002, and Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister
Solomon Passy does not expect it to be reopened due to the
ruling. He stressed that the ruling will have not effect on
EU accession negotiations.

Bulgaria’s Minister of Energy, Milko
Kovachev, said that the Bulgarian government will comply
with its decision to shut down units 3 and 4 in 2006.


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