Cartoon: A setback for Balkan accession

Balkan leaders raise a pertinent question... [Berco]

The death of Fidel Castro on 25 November provoked reactions around the world, with sympathy and condemnation in equal measure. Berco imagines the response in EU’s Balkan candidate countries.


Balkan candidates hope to reinvigorate EU bids with new strategy

Enlargement has fallen off the EU’s list of priorities and the Union is more than likely to shrink before it grows again. But the Western Balkans are still aspiring EU members and a new strategy has been developed that hopes to put them back on Brussels’ immediate agenda.

EU leaders' absence from Castro funeral to define future relations?

The turnout at the state funeral of Fidel Castro could perhaps symbolise the state of Cuba’s international relations, as European leaders have mostly decided to stay away. EURACTIV Spain reports.

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