Commission publishes report on Western Balkan Stabilisation and Association Process

The first Commission report on the Western
Balkan Stabilisation and Association process (SAp) gives an
assessment on the progress of each country, and of the process
as a whole.

In the report, the Commission proposes enhanced
arrangements for political dialogue with SAp participants,
through the establishment of a new political forum, the
'Zagreb Process', building on the success of the November
2000 Zagreb Summit. This first annual report on the SAp
will be followed by further annual reports from now on.

Participants in the EU Stabilisation and
Association process (SAp) are Albania, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Croatia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The EU
recognises each SAp country as a potential candidate for
membership of the European Union. The SAp is a long term
policy designed to help each country along the path of
political and economic reform, and the practical business
of integration with the EU.


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