Council of Europe blasts human rights violators

In its latest reports, the human rights monitoring body of the Council of Europe finds fault with Estonia, Lithuania and Romania over their treatment of their minorities.

In its latest (3rd) report on Estonia, the Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) reprimands the country for not having implemented a number of recommendations made in ECRI’s previous report.

Estonia “has not adopted a comprehensive anti-discrimination law nor has it passed a law on the rights and status of national minorities,” the report says. The country “has yet to examine the full extent of the Holocaust,” and anti-Semitic articles continue to be published by “some electronic media […] with almost complete impunity.” Estonia’s Roma community is “still disproportionately affected by unemployment and discrimination,” the report says.

ECRI’s 3rd report on Lithuania is likewise critical of that Baltic state’s human rights record. Lithuania’s Roma, Jewish and Chechen communities continue to face disadvantage, prejudice and discrimination, the report says, noting the contribution made by “some media” to creating an atmosphere of hostility towards the minorities.

The latest report on Romania finds fault with Bucharest’s approach to the country’s Roma community and criticises the media for publishing derogatory articles on minorities “in complete impunity.”

ECRI is an independent human rights monitoring body specialised in questions relating to racism and intolerance. It analyses each member state of the Council of Europe.

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