EP concerned with Czech nuclear plant

European Parliament expressed concern about the Czech nuclear power station Temelin.

The European Parliament called on the Czech government not to connect the Temelin nuclear power plant to the grid before acceptable environmental procedures are carried out.

The Temelin nuclear plant has been a subject of great controversy in Austria, which resulted in a unanimously adopted resolution against Czech nuclear power by the Austrian Parliament on 5 September. Austrian Parliament threatened to block Czech integration into the EU unless Prague respects nuclear safety norms.

Austria expects the Czech Republic to formally discuss the safety of the Temelin nuclear plant, which would lead to a scenario for Prague’s stepping down from nuclear energy.

Czech President Vaclav Havel and Czech government refuse to link Prague’s integration into EU with the Temelin controversy.

The Czech Nuclear Forum has issued a statement saying that the plant is needed as a reliable and economic source of electricity that will also make a positive contribution to the environment. Using nuclear energy from Temelin helps the Czech Republic to reduce CO2 emissions by 12 million tonnes per year, with nuclear taking a 40% share in overall electricity production and reducing fossil fuel consumption.

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