EU and candidate countries start negotiations on agriculture

The Spanish Presidency fulfilled the enlargement
road map by opening negotiations on agriculture on 28

The EU presented its common position on agriculture,
adopted by the 15 Foreign Ministers at the General Affairs
Council on 17 June. The common position tackles all
agricultural issues except for the direct payments to
farmers in the candidate countries. This issue will be
dealt with separately, and the EU decided at its Seville
Summit (21-22 June) to reach a common position in early

On 28 June, the agricultural chapter was
discussed with Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia,
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and

The following chapters were closed on 28

  • Estonia: Taxation;
  • Malta: Fisheries;
  • Romania: Economic and Monetary Union.

The number of chapters closed out of
total 30 after 28 June:

  • Bulgaria: 20;
  • Cyprus: 28;
  • Czech Republic: 25;
  • Estonia: 27;
  • Hungary: 24;
  • Latvia: 27;
  • Lithuania: 28;
  • Malta: 23;
  • Poland: 25;
  • Romania: 12;
  • Slovakia: 26;
  • Slovenia: 27.


The next round of negotiations at deputy level is due to
take place on 31 July, under the Danish Presidency.


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