EU and Yugoslavia begin association agreement talks

The EU-Yugoslavia Consultative Task Force met
for the first time on 23 July to discuss the EU Stabilisation
and Association process, open to the Yugoslav Federation. The
ultimate aim of the task force is to prepare ground for
negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association agreement that
will give Yugoslavia the prospect of EU

The EU is interested in the reform process in Yugoslavia,
in particular compliance with the EU’s political and
economic conditionality, such as:

  • fundamental principles of democracy,
  • rule of law,
  • human and minority rights,
  • market economy reforms,
  • regional co-operation,
  • compliance with international obligations.


The Stabilisation and Association process is the framework
for EU relations with all of the countries of the Western
Balkans. It aims at stabilising the region, torn by a
decade of ethnic wars, and restore co-operation among the
Balkan countries by giving them a prospect of joining the
European integration process.


The task force will draw up Joint Recommendations, arising
out of the discussions. The next meeting will take place in
a few months, when progress has been made in relation to
these recommendations and when further issues will be


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