EU calls for dialogue on Yugoslav federation

EU foreign ministers urge Serbia and Montenegro
to resume dialogue on Yugoslav federation

The ministers expressed their concern over the ongoing
serious violations of the ceasefire and the lack of
progress in the dialogue between the Serb authorities and
ethnic Albanians in Southern Serbia. NATO decided on 14 May
to hand the last part of the buffer zone between Kosovo and
the rest of Serbia back to the Yugoslav army to increase
the pressure on the ethnic Albanian guerrillas, who use the
5 kilometre buffer area as their stronghold.

The Council also welcomed the progress
made under the United Nations authority towards the
finalisation of the legal framework for provisional
self-rule in Kosovo. The UN set the election date in Kosovo
for 17 November, setting the stage for
de facto

autonomy of the province.

EU foreign ministers also condemned
separatism and nationalist violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
They said that the only way forward for the country is
reconciliation, peace implementation and European


EU foreign ministers urged Serbia and Montenegro to resume
dialogue with a view to the redefinition of the
constitutional arrangements of their relations in a renewed
federal framework. The ministers, meeting at the EU Council
in Brussels on 14 May, warned against any unilateral
actions and said the dialogue on the Yugoslav federation
would enable the EU to continue with its political,
economic and financial support to Montenegro.


The EU has offered all the Balkan countries the prospect of
joining the EU in the long run. However, this objective is
out of reach because of serious inter-ethnic violence in
Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as separatist
movements in Montenegro and Southern Serbia.


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