EU leaders meet to tackle labour reforms

The UK Presidency has announced the venue for the informal summit in which EU leaders will debate the sustainability of the European social model.

On 27-28 October, Hampton Court Palace will play host to UK Pime Minister Tony Blair’s informal meeting of European governments. The picturesque venue, which has housed a number of English kings and queens, will be the setting for EU leaders as they attempt to make progress on a range of unresolved issues. 

Heads of state are set to discuss how the EU can find the right balance between common action and natural diversity in order to collectively pursue its economic and social goals. The meeting will also be an opportunity for EU leaders to reflect upon a paper being prepared by the Commission on the sustainability of the European social model (see EURACTIV, 30 August 2005). Making labour market rules more flexible while at the same time providing a good level of social protection, is one of the main challenges of the Lisbon agenda – the EU’s strategy for economic, social and environmental reform.

Other points set to be raised are the EU’s forthcoming enlargement, as well as ongoing plans to improve the assessment method of European regulation. According to the UK Presidency website, neither the future financing of the EU nor the Constitutional Treaty will be on the agenda.

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