EU Summit overshadowed by violence and protests

“Strong” signal on enlargement and adoption of
sustainable development strategy main outcomes of EU Summit
plagued by violence and protests

One week after the shock of the Irish “No” to the Nice
Treaty, EU leaders were faced with a new storm of protest
in the streets of Gothenburg. The strange coalition of
peaceful anti-globalisation and anti-EU protesters and
violent anarchists overshadowed the results of the Summit
and has Belgian political leaders worried about the Laeken
Summit of their coming Belgian Presidency in December.

EU leaders and political commentators
seem puzzled over how to react to the protests: by urging
more democracy in the European Union project or by
draconian safety measures to keep rioters from the streets
during future Summits.

Main Results

[extracts from

Presidency Conclusions


  • Enlargement
  • “The enlargement process is irreversible”. “Provided
    that progress towards meeting the accession criteria
    continues at an unabated pace, the road map should make
    it possible to complete negotiations by the end of 2002
    for those candidate countries that are ready. The
    objective is that they should participate in the European
    Parliament elections of 2004 as members.”

    Sustainable development

  • “The European Council agrees a strategy for
    sustainable development which completes the Union’s
    political commitment to economic and social renewal, adds
    a third, environmental dimension to the Lisbon strategy
    and establishes a new approach to policy making. The
    arrangements for implementing this strategy will be
    developed by the Council”.
  • Furthermore, progress was made on the tax package,
    telecoms, Single European Sky, teh Community Patent, but
    no agreement was reached on the location of the European
    Food Authority.


A "strong" signal on enlargement and the adoption of a
sustainable development strategy are the outcomes of the
Gothenburg Summit which was plagued by large-scale street
protests that turned violent. EU leaders managed to find a
formulation on enlargement which sets a timeframe without
setting a real target date.


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