Eurobarometer: Only 29 per cent of young Europeans favour enlargement

A Eurobarometer opinion poll of young Europeans, released by the Commission on 9 July, shows that only 29 per cent of Europeans aged between 15-24 old support EU enlargement.

The “Young Europeans in 2001” Eurobarometer, carried out in the 15 EU Member States between 27 May and 16 June 2002, was prepared for the “Youth 2002” Conference, which is taking place in Copenhagen, and the Youth Convention, which will be held in Brussels from 10 to 12 July.

The main results of the Eurobarometer:

  • Solidarityshould be a key issue with regard to the future of Europe: 79 per cent of the interviewed young Europeans think it is vital for the EU Convention to look at how the problems of unemployment, exclusion and poverty can be tackled.
  • Support fordemocratic values and human rightsis also a key issue. 74 per cent think that it is “very important” for the Convention to discuss these.
  • EUenlargementis of less interest to the young: only 29 per cent believe enlargement is very important. Support for enlargement is strongest among the young in Greece (42 per cent), Ireland, Italy and Portugal (37 per cent), and weakest in Sweden and Finland (17 per cent and 16 per cent respectively).
  • Only 33 per cent of the young people interviewed think that the question of theeffectiveness of the EUis “very important”.


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