Future of Montenegro debated in Brussels

Montenegrin President pushes independence agenda
with little support from international

President of the Republic of Montenegro Milo
Djukanovic presented his case for the independence of
Montenegro from the Yugoslav Federation at an
international conference in Brussels on 26 February. “The
starting point of our initiative is international
recognition of the independence of both, Montenegro and
Serbia, and forming the union of the two states on the
basis of a bilateral agreement,” said President

However, Montenegro’s drive for
independence has not managed to secure support from EU
and US leaders. President Djukanovic is not meeting any
of the Union or NATO countries foreign ministers, who are
meeting in Brussels at the time of his visit to the EU
capital. The EU is concerned with the consequences of
further fragmentation along national lines in the already
volatile south of the former Yugoslavia.

In its paper “A European Solution for
the Constitutional Future of Montenegro”, CEPS state: “In
a longer-term perspective the common integration into the
EU could largely dissolve today’s tensions between the
two parties.” They call for a tailor-made European
solution of the Yugoslav issue instead of a choice
between the federal or independent models “which are both
conflictual and increasingly out of line with the
realities of the integrating Europe”.

President Djukanovic intends to call
an independence referendum in June if he wins the April
general election.

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