German industry demands limits for labour migration

German industry demands transition periods for the migration of east European workers after EU enlargement.

The German industry is asking the EU to impose transition periods for the free movement of east European workers after the Union’s enlargement to new member states.

There should be different transition periods for individual new member states, according to Peter Stihl, President of the German association of chambers of industry and commerce (DIHT). Poland would join the EU under different transition rules than Hungary or the Czech Republic, he said.

Candidate countries may only join the EU after they have made their homework, such as adopting EU technical regulations and standards, and achieving significant economic development, insists DIHT. For Stihl it is conceivable that Poland would not join the EU together with Hungary or the Czech Republic if it lags behind strongly.

Early enlargement in 2003 can only be possible if the EU succeeds in reforming its institutions in order to become strong enough to embrace new members.

In its position paper on the EU institutional reform and enlargement, the German industry supports nuclear energy in the candidate countries, saying that forcing the reforming countries to abandon nuclear power is absurd. If there are security doubts, the EU must spend more money on increasing nuclear safety, according to DIHT.

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