Germany welcomes Bulgarian and Romanian entry

The German parliament has ratified the accession treaty of the two new member states. Meanwhile, the parliament has also called for the early use of safeguards.

On 26 October 2006 the German Bundestag ratified the accession of Bulgaria and Romania with an overwhelming majority of 529 out of 551 votes.

The German parliament also called upon the government to put pressure on the Commission for the use of safeguards at an early stage to counter problems in the areas of justice or agriculture. The government supports the Commission’s more cautious approach on safeguards, namely to only invoke measures in case of insufficient progress being made.

The Commission can trigger the safeguards if it perceives persistent shortcomings, which could lead to a refusal to recognise court decisions or cuts to EU funds. 

Germany, along with Denmark, is one of the last member states to ratify the accession treaties. 

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