Hungary prepares for general elections

Hungarian voters will go to the polls on 7 April to elect a new parliament.

Key differences between the two major contenders on issues related to EU accession:

  • Both agree on most political issues regarding Hungary’s accession to the EU. They agree that enlargement is necessary and will benefit the country.
  • There are some differences on specifics. The Socialists would like to re-negotiate the agreement allowing EU nationals to by real estate in Hungary seven years after accession. They want Hungary to have the same transition period as Poland, i.e. 12 years.


Opinion polls show the race will be a narrow between the governing Fidesz - Hungarian Democratic Forum alliance (Fidesz-MDF) led by the current Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, and the opposition Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) whose candidate for Prime Minister is Péter Medgyessy. Other parties enjoy only marginal support (below 5 percent) according to the opinion polls.


There are two election rounds: on 7 and 21 April.


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