Macedonians and Albanians reach conditional agreement

Macedonian and ethnic Albanian leaders have
reached “conditional” agreement on the issue of the status of
the Albanian language. This agreement depends on the result of
overall negotiations, which include the issue of ethnic
composition of the police.

The conditional agreement foresees that Albanian will be
used at the level of local administration in communities
where ethnic Albanians account for more than 20 percent of
the local population. Albanians, who represent nearly a
third of Macedonia’s population, want Albanian to be used
as an official language, equal to Macedonian, at all

One of the key issues now is the control
over police forces. Ethnic Albanians want more police
control in areas where they are a majority. Ethnic
Albanians have backed their demands by killing 40
Macedonian security officers over the past five months. The
Albanian insurgency began in February when the so-called
Albanian National Liberation Army invaded the north of


The talks will resume on Friday, 3 August, after a break
for Macedonia's national day on 2 August.


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