Medgyessy takes office as new Hungarian Prime Minister

Mr Peter Medgyessy, the Socialist winner of the Hungarian general elections, was elected as Hungary’s new Prime Minister by the Parliament on 27 May. Mr Medgyessy replaces Viktor Orban, whose Fidesz/Democratic Forum party was defeated in the 21 April general elections.

Mr Medgyessy has put together a coalition government of the Socialist and Free Democrats parties and lead Hungary into the EU. The cabinet has 16 members who will implement the government’s programme of social justice and encouraging of entrepreneurship. Mr Medgyessy wants to obtain better membership conditions from the EU than his predecessor.

The Socialists and the Free Democrats together control 197 seats in the 386-seat Parliament. The two parties have already ruled Hungary together in 1994-1998.

Key members of the new Hungarian Government:

  • Foreign Minister: Laszlo Kovacs;
  • Defence Minister: Ferenc Juhasz;
  • Finance Minister: Laszlo Csaba;
  • Minister of the Interior: Monika Lamperth;
  • Justice Minister: Peter Barandy;
  • Health Minister: Judit Csehak;
  • Agriculture Minister: Imre Nemeth;
  • Minister of Education: Balint Magyar;
  • Minister of Culture: Gabor Goergey.


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