Montenegrins choose pro-independence government

Based on the initial results of the parliamentary elections held on 20 October, the people of Montenegro have elected a pro-independence government.

According to data provided by a local monitoring agency, called the Center for Free Elections and Democracy, the pro-independence Democratic Party of Socialists led by President Milo Djukanovic, secured around 39 seats in the 75-seat parliament. After 90 per cent of the votes counted, the pro-Yugoslav Socialist People's party has received 30 seats, in the parliamentary elections held on 20 October in the Yugoslav Republic of Montenegro.

The previous government coalition collapsed after 18 months in power, following a deal signed in March with the European Union and the Yugoslav President (see also

EURACTIV, 15 March 2002). Based on the agreement, Serbia and Montenegro stay together as a "union" for at least three years, when independence referendum may be held in either country.

Even though his party seems to have won an absolute majority and could form a government alone, Mr. Djukanovic was quoted as saying that his government would invite the ethnic Albanian parties to participate in the new government to reflect the multicultural diversity of Montenegro. Mr. Djukanovic pledges to bring stability and prosperity to Montenegro with the ultimate aim of joining the EU by 2010.


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