New CEPS report on Caucasus Stability Pact

CEPS releases follow-up report on Caucasus Stability Pact.

Following missions to the national capitals and conflict zones of the South Caucasus in July and August, and on the basis of the original proposals published in May,

Centre for European Policy Studies(CEPS) released a new report in advance of its presentation at a conference sponsored by the OSCE on regional cooperation and conflict resolution in the Caucasus in Yerevan on 26-28 September.

The new report is entitled “A Stability Pact for the Caucasus in Theory and Practice – a supplementary note”, by Michael Emerson, Nathalie Tocci and Elena Prokhorova.

It was also presented on 24 September in Moscow to independent experts and government officials, having already been the subject of a conference in Moscow on 14 September, organised by the Centre for Political and International Studies.

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