Norway: 51 per cent support for EU membership

According to a recent poll cited by Reuters, the EU’s enlargement has exerted an influence on the way Norwegians look at their country’s membership of the EU.

The poll, conducted by the research agency Opinion between 10
and 12 May, shows that 51 per cent of those asked are in favour of
Norway joining the EU. A similar poll in April 2004 showed support
at 47 per cent.

Opposition to the idea was measured at 36 per
cent in both polls. According to Reuters, popular support for the
country joining the EU has not been so high since early 2003.

Norwegians have already rejected EU membership
on two occasions - in 1972, and again in 1994. In 1972, 53.5 per
cent voted against, and the respective figure was 52.2 per cent in
1994. The issue could be put to a referendum again in the autumn of
2005 (see also


However, Marius Vahl of the Brussels-based
Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) says in a fresh study
that "It seems unlikely that a serious debate on EU membership will
be initiated by any of the political parties [in Norway] in the
near future".


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