Norway: public support for EU membership on the up

Popular support for EU membership is increasing steadily in Norway, a recent public opinion poll published by the Norway Post has revealed.

The poll, conducted by MMI for the newspaper Dagbladet in February 2004, shows that 45 per cent of the respondents want Norway to join the EU, while 36 per cent do not.

The pollsters conclude that the 3 per cent increase in the number of supporters over the previous such poll in 2003 most probably comes from the undecided segment of society, which has shrunk from 25 per cent to below 20 per cent.

Norway has already rejected EU membership twice. In 1972, 53.5 per cent voted against, while in 1994 the respective figure was 52.2 per cent. According to a recent poll by Sentio-Norstat, the majority of those Norwegians who would support EU membership expect a new referendum to be held on the issue after the next parliamentary elections scheduled for 2005 (see

EURACTIV 7 January 2004).


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