Pro-Western forces seen as winning in Montenegro local elections

Pro-Western coalition appear to be winning in
local elections in Montenegro.

Pro-Western coalition “For a better life”, headed by
Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, appeared to
be winning in the Sunday local elections in Montenegro, a
tiny republic of the Yugoslav Federation.

A number of people within Djukanovic’s ruling
coalition hope the vote will show a strong swing away
from the Yugoslav Federation dominated by Serbia and
Milosevic and encourage moves towards a referendum on
independence. The West worries that a referendum may
spark violence among a mainly Slav population which is
deeply split over the issue.

A democratic Montenegro has more chances to win
further support from the European Union, which has
already agreed to give 20 million euros of assistance to
the pro-western government of Montenegro, and to open its
market for Montenegrin aluminium products.

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