Public opinion in candidate countries somewhat pro-enlargement

Latest opinion polls about enlargement in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic reveal stable support.

New public opinion polls on European Union’s enlargement, conducted in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, and presented at a conference on the role of public opinion in the enlargement process on 17 October in Brussels, reveal stable support for EU membership.

A conference on “Trends in EU, Czech, Hungarian and Polish public opinion on enlargement: implications for EU institutions and industry”, brought together representatives of EU institutions, member and candidate countries, industry, NGOs and media, as well as public opinion experts. A recent poll, prepared by the conference organiser, Central European Opinion Research Group (CEORG), showed that support for EU enlargement currently stands at 51% in the Czech Republic, 55% in Poland, and 69% in Hungary.

European Union’s Eurobarometer polls show that EU citizens do not consider enlargement a priority. However, the Eurobarometer questions concerning enlargement should be better tailored, said Thomas Glaser, responsible for information and communication at the Commission’s enlargement directorate. The Eurobarometer polls now ask participants to make a choice among several priorities, whereby fight against unemployment and against organised crime rank higher than enlargement.

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