Romania extends ban on international adoptions until February 2003

The Romanian government has decided to extend its ban on international adoptions until February 2003 to satisfy the EU, which claims the system is riddled with corruption.

Domestic adoptions have increased by 50 percent since the introduction of the moratorium. Whilst international adoptions cost up to 30,000 US dollars, domestic adoptions are free, which encourages corruption, according to the EU.

The US is annoyed with the moratorium and has been pressing the Romanian government to resume international adoptions.


The EU demanded a moratorium on international child adoptions in Romania in June 2001 after the European Parliament adopted a report, condemning the practice as a "profitable trade in child trafficking".

The Romanian Government suspended all international adoption procedures for one year in October 2001. Romania provided for two thirds of all international adoptions in the world in the 1990s.


New Romanian legislation on child protection should be adopted before the end of 2002, whilst new institutions should be in place from 2003 onwards.


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