Romania proposes new commissioner candidate


Secretary of State Leonard Orban named after Varujan Vosganian withdraws over damaging allegations.

The Romanian government has made a new proposal for a commissioner candidate. According to news agency Mediafax, Secretary of State Leonard Orban has been nominated. Orban served as Romania’s chief negotiator with the EU and is well known in EU institutions.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Mihai Ungureanu had refused a nomination by Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, while previous candidate Varujan Vosganian withdrew his candidacy on 28 October 2006, due to allegations concerning his past involvement with the secret police under Ceaucescu and party financing by a tycoon (see EURACTIV, 27 October 2006). Vosganian told the Romanian press that the accusations were baseless, but added that they “could damage Romania’s image”.

The new candidate is to be formally announced shortly, according to Romanian media reports. Commission President José Manuel Barroso will meet with Orban for further consultations.

Read an interview with Leonard Orban by here (in Romanian).

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