Romania takes measures to improve border security

Romania plans to intensify its co-operation with the EU Member States in order to improve the security of its borders.

Romania has foreseen several measures to improve its
co-operation with the Member States in the field of justice and
home affairs in order to remove any problems concerning the
Romanian citizens travelling abroad.

The main measures are:

  • Sending the Ministry of Interior liaison officers in all Member
  • Finalising re-admission agreements with all Member States;
  • Finalising border security agreements with Germany and
  • Finalising the implementation of the IT control and
    communication system for the Romanian border police;
  • Participation of the Romanian police in the European Border
    Police project;
  • Launching negotiations on the Cooperation Agreement between
    Romanian and the Europol;
  • Strengthening trilateral cooperation between the Interior
    Ministries of Romania, Austria and Hungary;
  • Accelerating the establishment of the Trilateral Contact Centre
    between Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Romania has also implemented a twinning project
between the Romanian National Refugee Office and the Danish
Immigration Service in order to bring its asylum system in line
with EU standards. The main results of the 500,000 euro twinning
project are:

  • Implementation of the new Refugee Law;
  • An enhanced asylum infrastructure, with a view to ensure
    compatibility and interoperability with EU structures;
  • Improved processes of reception, accommodation and case
    processing centres;
  • Creation of a research and documentation centre for Country of
    Origin information;
  • A coherent and efficient co-operation system between all
    institutions involved in the asylum procedure;
  • A draft Government Decision for the integration of
  • Adequate assistance and support to asylum seekers and refugees,
    in cooperation with the UNHCR and refugee-assisting NGOs;
  • Improved education and training system for the staff working in
    this field;
  • Rehabilitation of the accommodation centres in Bucharest,
    Timisoara and Galati.


The EU Member States lifted visa requirements for Romanian
citizens in January 2002.

Since April 2002, Romania has been negotiating
with the EU on the justice and home affairs chapter, with a view to
becoming the Eastern border of the Union.

In order to improve its border security, Romania
has also developed several twinning projects with the EU Member


A follow-up twinning project between Romania, Sweden and
Denmark on migration is foreseen, with a further funding of 1
million euro.


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