Shorter transition for Polish real estate?

Commission is expected to propose 10-year moratorium on foreign purchases of farmland in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic

The proposal falls short of Polish request for an 18-year ban on foreign purchases of real estate. Warsaw is afraid that Germans, expelled from Poland after World War II, would buy large chunk of cheap agricultural land, given the huge income and price differentials.

The three membership candidates have also requested 5-year transition periods for the purchase of industrial land by foreigners. However, the Commission is said to reject this option.


The European Commission is to propose a 10-year transition period on foreign purchases of farmland in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, according to an article in the leading Polish daily Rzeczpospolita. Quoting unnamed officials in Brussels, the newspaper says the Commission would adopt its position in early May.


Diplomats expect a trade-off between the EU and Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic on the issue on real estate moratorium and the curbs on workers from the future Member States. The Commission has recently proposed 5-7 year transition periods to protect the EU labour markets from potential disruptions after enlargement.


After the adoption of the proposal by the Commission in May, the fifteen EU Member States will adopt a common position for negotiations on this issue. Their decision is expected in June.


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