Solana calls for unity of Yugoslavia to ensure its place in the EU

The EU High Representative for Common Foreign
and Security Policy, Javier Solana, has called on the
Montenegrin President, Milo Djukanovic, to preserve the union
of Serbia and Montenegro.

In an article for the Montengerin daily Vijesti, Mr Solana
suggested that Serbia and Montenegro should establish a
union with one seat at the United Nations. He said there
would be safeguards to ensure that Montenegro is not
dominated by Serbia, and a guarantee that no republic would
be obliged to reverse the reforms already accomplished. Mr
Solana also proposed a provision allowing each republic to
review the arrangement after a few years.

The EU High Representative stressed that
“Montenegrins need to take the new developments in Europe
into account”. “Member states have given up part of their
sovereignty to enjoy the full benefits of integration. But
new opportunities have emerged for ancient nations such
Scotland and Bavaria, and for their people. They
undoubtedly enjoy today a highly developed sense of
identity, economic dynamism and substantial autonomy. Why
should this not be an attractive prospect for Montenegro?”
he added.

Mr Solana stated that the EU proposal
“can help bridge the deep seated division in Montenegrin
society on the issue of independence”. The proposed
solution “would offer a good basis for rapid progress
towards participation in the new Union in European
integration,” he added.


Nicholas Whyte, Research Fellow and Communications Manager

, has called on the EU not to "force unwilling partners
into a new federation". "European values surely require the
EU not to take a stand on the final status of Yugoslavia
but to facilitate peaceful resolution of the problem," he


The EU has established a stabilisation and association
process in order to promote relations between the countries
of the Western Balkans. It aims to stabilise the region,
torn by a decade of ethnic wars, and to restore
co-operation among the Balkan countries by offering them
the prospect of joining the European integration process.

The EU is hosting talks between Serbia
and Montenegro in an effort to prevent a break-up of the
Yugoslav federation. Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic
is planning a referendum on independence in April 2002.


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