Three quarters of CEEC enterprises ready for enlargement by 2003

Eurochambres survey says nearly three quarters of Central and Eastern European companies will comply with EU law by December 2002

The first systematic survey of companies in Central and Eastern Europe showed Central and Eastern European businesses score highest in the areas of product certification, technical regulations and standardisation. Their compliance with EU law is lowest in the areas of labelling, trademarks and patents.

Less than 10 percent of the polled enterprises consider themselves fully informed about the implications of enlargement. The larger and export-oriented companies are better informed on EU legislation, whilst small and medium-size companies (SMEs) are mostly uninformed. They state information on EU legislation as their primary need.

The survey that Central European companies on the whole are quite optimistic about enlargement. 50 percent believe they will benefit from joining the EU, while 35 percent expect their market position to deteriorate seriously because of enlargement.


A survey on Corporate Readiness for Enlargement in Central Europe, released by Eurochambres on 11 May, showed that nearly three quarters of the polled enterprises in the ten Central and Eastern European candidate countries will have accomplished the implementation of EU legislation to prepare for membership of the EU by December 2002.


The survey, sponsored by the European Commission Phare Business Support Programme, included 1658 companies in the ten Central and Eastern European candidate countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. It was jointly conducted by Eurochambres, which represents 34 national chamber organisations, and the Brussels-based Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA).


A second survey of candidate country businesses' readiness for EU membership will be conducted in a year's time. The organisers are considering including the three South European candidates: Cyprus, Malta and Turkey.


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