UK, Latvia and Poland top working hours poll

According to a new report, employees work just as hard in the new member states as they do in the EU-15.

People in the ten new member states spend an average 112 hours longer per year in the workplace than those in the EU-15 states, says a comparative report released by the European Foundation’s European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO). 

The working hours poll continues to be topped by the UK in the EU-15, where employees spend 43.1 full-time hours at work. In the EU-25, the highest levels of usual hours worked by full-time employees are in Latvia and Poland. 

People in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia take less than half the annual leave registered in Sweden, the EIRO report found. 

“Collective bargaining plays a key role in determining the duration of working time in most of the countries in Europe, with coverage levels of around three-quarters of the workforce in the EU-15 and less than half in the new member states,” commented Willy Buschak, acting director of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

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