Management of human resources in the East

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Management of human resources in the East

One of the consequences of the weakening European ideal is that Western companies, among them also French ones, see their role of main actors in the construction of a Social Europe being reinforced, due to

  • their direct investments creating employment and wealth, thus, the first factor of real transformation and social progress,
  • the availability in the East of almost all talents in all fields at a much lower cost than in the West, and
  • their policies of human and social management, which concretely and directly represent our model of society.

However, the overall impact of any Human Resources policy on individual and collective behaviors of the executive and supervisory staff is too often minimized. When recruiting or taking over a local company many Western groups insist on what they are awaiting from the recruited persons and do not attach enough importance to what these new colleagues are expecting from their new group. What matters is the instruction “here you are, this is what we are awaiting from you” and not enough the question “what are you awaiting from us?” or more precisely, “you, Hungarian or Czech executives what are you expecting from us, the French group?”

The formal expression of the rules of the game by each company is also the expression of a general view of what social life means as well as man’s place in our society whether the style of management, the execution of responsibilities, the conditions of redundancies but also the distribution of benefits, the attribution of allowances, and as to external questions, relationships with the environment, government or competitors are concerned.

It is not only a matter of philosophy but also of management: the USA and Wall Street show us the way to progress with two new concepts:

  • A sustainable development: beginning of March, the newspaper ECHOS organized in Paris the first “European Forum for a sustaining development and a responsible company”.
  • Ethical Funds: increasingly strong requirements of US analysts for an “Ethical” code introduced in companies or listed on the “stock exchange”, a reconciliation between Profits and Ethics by Codes of Good Behaviors of Companies, the ENRON / ANDERSON affair proving its topicality and necessity.

It is in this sense that Western and French companies in Eastern Europe are the first actors in the construction of a Social Europe, not by stating principles as in Brussels or at European summits, but by practicing daily the management of persons and companies.

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