EU elections: Latest across Europe

EU get-out-the-vote advert. Brussels International, April 2014. [Joel Schalit]

Nationals of the UK and the Netherlands stated voting today (22nd May) in the European elections. The UK holds combined local and European elections. On 23 May, EU elections will be held in Ireland and will also hold local elections. On Saturday, Latvians, Maltese and Slovaks will vote, as well as the French citizens from overseas territories.


EU elections will be held in all 28 EU countries on 22-25 May 2014. While voter turnout has consistently dropped over the past seven European Parliament elections - up to an all time low 43% in 2009 - this may change in 2014: the European Union is ever more involved and has made headlines all through Europe's economic crisis.

But with the trust in the European institutions at an all time low, analysts have predicted a surge in eurosceptic, populist parties. 

The Lisbon Treaty states that the European Council nominates the Commission president "taking into account" the European elections (Article 17.7, TEU), who is then elected by the Parliament. European parties have taken the opportunity to put forward their own candidates for the EU top job.

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