Get the picture: Do you identify with today’s Europe?

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Freedom of movement and peace. That's what the vast majority of people see as the main benefits of being in the EU.

A massive 72% believe that what unites Europeans is more important than what separates them. These are among the findings of a Eurobarometer survey, commissioned by the European Parliament, of public attitudes ahead of the European electionsin May 2014.

On the positive side, 54% think EU membership has benefited their country. But a worrying 37% don't agree.
What makes for European identity? The euro tops that list,especially in the countries that use it, followed by freedom.
But although nearly half of those surveyed identify themselves nationallyand as Europeans, more than one in threecount only their nationalities.
What more could the EU do to win support? 41% would like an EU-widesocial welfare system. One in three would likeharmonised pensions and almost as many want universal recognition of academic qualifications. Only around 40% thinkEU lawmakers listen to them.
But most want a say in who becomes President of the European Commission. The fact that MEPs elected this time will choose Mr Barroso's replacement will encourage more people to vote.
And how about influencing EU decisions? An overwhelming majority believe the most effective way to do that is to vote in May 2014.

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