Guy Verhofstadt speaking to protesters in Maidan Square, Kiev

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Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD, Belgium), Liberal and Democrat Group Leader in the European Parliament, spoke to the protesters gathered in Maidan Square in Kiev about the sanctions EU put in place in order to stop the violence.

Verhofstadt was the first of the EU leaders to address those fighting for democracy in Ukraine, after the violent clashes of the last few days. He travelled to Kiev together with ALDE Group Vice-President, Marielle De Sarnez (Modem, France) and Hans van Baalen (VVD, Holland), President of Liberal International.

“We were the first to inform the people there about the EU sanctions. The reaction from the crowds was overwhelming.

I have the greatest respect for the courage of the Ukrainian people engaging in a long battle for their rights and in standing up for their values, European values.”, said Verhofstadt.

77 people had been killed since Tuesday, and another 577 injured, according to official reports, but many NGOs fear the death toll might be higher.    


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