Thomas Tindemans: observations about the new Commission

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Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Thomas Tindemans observes real change in the new Commission and a real need for clear communication to bring the public on board.

“As an observer of the political institutions of the European Union, the appointment of the new Commission strikes me. Three elements jump out.”

“First of all, the Commission presided by Mr. Juncker is supported by an overwhelming majority in the Council and a large majority in the European Parliament. Which gives it great legitimacy. But that also puts a burden on the ministers and the members of the European Parliament to defend and communicate the decisions that they will take based on proposals from the Commission back in their countries, to demonstrate the Brussels is the capital of every member state.”

“Secondly, the composition of the Commission with seven Vice Presidents and clusters of Commissioners responsible for a limited but extremely important field of activity – that group of Vice Presidents will make this Commission much more political. For the first time, we will have real debates at college level.”

“And lastly, as guardian of the treaty, this Commission has a huge duty to uphold the fundamental freedoms of the treaty against voices of protectionism who want to curb the freedom of movement, who want to put up barriers again within the European Union and its internal market.”

“We will be following closely what the Commission will do in this field, and if need be, we can advise on communicating this better to the public.”

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