French socialists adopt a list of women and a list of men for EU elections

Eric Andrieu and Sylvie Guillaume are the two MEPs that are in an eligible position. Photo PS

The French Socialist Party (PS) finally decided on its list for the EU elections, or rather on two lists: one of women and another of men. These are to be voted upon by party members on 2 April.  EURACTIV France reports.

The party, which has formed an alliance with the political movement Place publique, whose top candidate will be Raphael Glucksmann, has chosen two lists of 20 people, a female one and a male one.

It was a bizarre presentation that made members of the party squirm after receiving the list the night of 26 March. “It is sexist, the purpose of parity should translate to only one list, one does not create two lists,” said an irritated party member.

1 Sylvie Guillaume
2 Nora Mebarek
3 Pernelle Richardot
4 Karine Gloanec-Maurin
5 Fourough Salami
6 Christine Revault d’Allonnes Bonnefoy
7 Béatrice Bellay
8 Pascale Bousquet Pitt
9 Gabrielle Siry
10 Cécilia Gondard
11 Charlotte Picard
12 Julie Lesage
13 Myriam El Yassa
14 Athénais Kouaidri
15 Mireille Murawski
16 Nathalie De Oliveira
17 Maryline Chatelon
18 Béatrice Hakni Robin
19 Elisabeth Humbert-Dorfmüller
20 Chantal Jeoffroy

1 Eric Andrieu
2 Christophe Clergeau
3 Jean-Marc Germain
4 Roger Vicot
5 Vincent Le Meaux
6 Philippe Naillet
7 Laurent Baumel
8 Hussein Bourgi
9 François Kalfon
10 Arnaud Hadrys
11 Rémi Cardon
12 Mickaël Vincent
13 Eric Sargiacomo
14 Christophe Fouillère
15 Flavien Cartier
16 François Chemin
17 Cyril Fonrose
18 Fabrice De Comarmond
19 Aleksander Glogowski
20 Frédéric Engelmann

In the current state of affairs, only the first two from the new lists are eligible: Sylvie Guillaume and Eric Andrieu, two outgoing MEPs, in second and third position because the next two positions should be taken by partners from Place publique.

Allegiances to very old sensitivities?

Christine Revault d’Allones, president of a delegation of MEPs at the European Parliament, has already resigned from her position as president. Relegated to the sixth position on the women’s’ list, she is no longer eligible.

“It seems that the promise of the congress to no longer take into account the very old allegiances to the very old sensitivities has not been kept, nor have the promises to take into account investment and hard work,” she complained.

The game of alliances should also lead to new additions to the joint list with Place publique, such as Pierre Larrouturou, a green finance activist, or economist Aurore Lalucq, who quit Génération.s to join the PS, knowing that Claire Nouvian of Place publique does not wish to be in an eligible position.

And then, in case of a last-minute merger with the list of Generation.s, it will also be necessary to make way for Benoit Hamon and his associates.

Like LREM’s list, the list of the socialists seems devoted to eclecticism. “It is the fate of joint lists,”  a party member judged philosophically.

[Edited by Zoran Radosavljevic]

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