Macron wants a European convention to reform Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron.

France’s head of state never runs out of ideas for Europe. Emmanuel Macron now wants to mix ideas proposed by citizens and leaders to get Europe back on its feet. EURACTIV France reports.

In an interview with 40 regional daily French newspapers on Tuesday (21 May), a few days before the European elections, Macron tried to motivate French citizens to go out and vote by waving a red flag at Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN).

Regarding the issue of “what should the new European Parliament start working on?”, Macron replied: “a founding convention for Europe after the elections”.

“The heads of state and government, together with the new executive and leaders of the Parliament, as well as citizens, need to take the time to define Europe’s strategy for the next five years, including the changes to the Treaties that they would like to achieve,” he added.

Macron makes EU-wide appeal 'for European renewal'

French President Emmanuel Macron made an appeal to all Europeans on Monday (4 March) to re-launch the EU project by holding a conference “without taboos” before year’s end that could possibly lead to a new treaty.

The French leader had already tried to gauge public opinion and get Europeans to react by encouraging citizen conventions to take place, where European issues were discussed. A process more or less followed in various EU member states, but its results were then shelved and forgotten.

The topic was barely mentioned at the Sibiu Summit in Romania on 9 May when proposals for the EU’s future were supposed to be central to the summit.

EU heads adopt vague declaration on future of Europe

Heads of state and government from the EU-27 signed off on broad-brush ‘ten commitments’ for Europe in the next five years on Thursday (9 May), as they adopted a vague Sibiu Declaration during the opening stages of an informal summit dedicated to the bloc’s future.

Changing the treaties, always a delicate idea

The provocative idea of changing the EU treaties is not likely to thrill the masses, as heads of state and government are so afraid to give voice to increasingly populist voters to validate them.

The ballot boxes may confirm this risk on the final day of the European elections (26 May), particularly in Italy.

Among the European issues raised, the French president also called for “a common European tax on kerosene”.

EU citizens insist jet fuel must be taxed

Airplane fuel’s tax-free status could soon be grounded after the European Commission agreed on Tuesday (30 April) to register an official petition that calls for an end to kerosene’s exemption.

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Macron pleads for Schengen renegotiation, possibly with fewer members

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday (25 April) that he was in favour of renegotiating the internal-border-free Schengen area, even if the result would be a “Schengen space with less countries”.

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