Tweets of the Week: Britain barely afloat, Ibizagate, and the EU elections

After a week of turmoil Britain’s barely afloat, in Austria far-right opponents can gloat and it’s European Elections, so get out and vote!

This episode is supported by the European Parliament… and yes, much more coming up about that.

Starting with the UK, where it’s been a quiet week with not much troubling the headlines.

Ahahahaha. Only joking, OF COURSE it wasn’t! It began with Nigel Farage wearing a milkshake and is ending with speculation about a new Prime Minister.

On Monday a man in Newcastle doused Brexit Party leader and former debate dodging MEP Nigel Farage in milkshake, which I suppose is one way to express destain for political views.

By Tuesday, politicians up and down the country feared a tsunami of milkshakes.

Berlaymonster innocently asked Hasbro if milkshake is too viscous for a SuperSoaker?

And if you want to throw milkshakes at the far-right from the comfort of your own home, *Of course* there’s an online game to satisfy your urges reported EURACTIV’s Sam Morgan.

On Wednesday rumours of a coup against Theresa May came to nowt, as the beleaguered leader refused to see the writing on the wall.

But by Thursday…

Wake me up on 31 October when Boris Johnson heads to Brussels to ask for an extension said Sam Lowe‏.

Amid general speculation about whether the haystack haired politician could become the next leader. Most picturing him like this:

Others like this:

And a few like this:

Spoof account General Boles imagined a Game of Thrones mash up and said It’s the ending nobody particularly wants, but at least it is an ending.

Well how bad could Bran the Broken be?

Think the UK was the only country floundering in political intrigue? Austria: hold my beer…

On Saturday #Ibizagate started trending, as a leaked video – shot on the popular party isle – showed the Austrian Vice-Chancellor and leader of populist Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache offering government contracts in return for campaign help to a fake Russian backer.

Strache was forced to resign, as Angus Robertson reported.

Cue snap elections as the government breaks down.

Guy Verhofstadt said the scandal highlights the importance of a free press and is the umpteenth proof that the extreme-right in Europe is colluding with the Russians to undermine liberal democracies.

Indeed, the real shock here is that a Vengaboys song has unexpectedly become a protest anthem against the far right.

Finally, there’s a little thing called the European Elections happening this week!

The UK and the Netherlands were first to the polls on Thursday, while the Irish and the Czechs vote on Friday and the rest of the continent at the weekend.

According to the S&Ds it’s simple you just VOTE

Martini Seltzermayr said he wasn’t taking lessons about how to put a cross in the box from this crowd of international footballers

Well helpfully the European Students’ Union is on hand to explain how it works

Herne Hill Andy said repeat after me: the European elections are not the same as a general election.

And the European Commission went to town on all the reasons to vote for the EU

But my favourite thing about the elections is the #DogsAtPollingStations hastag. Can we PLEASE get this trending across Europe this weekend!

This week we are supported by the European Parliament, so we are supporting them – get out and vote.

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