Citizens in Moldova and Georgia want to join EU

Public opinion in Georgia and Moldova is very strongly in favour of joining the European Union according to surveys conducted in the CIS countries by the Gallup Organisation.

Eighty percent of Georgians and 77 percent of Moldovians interviewed would like their country to become a member of the European Union. These were two of the most striking results of surveys polling people in Georgia, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

The results of the poll, organised by Gallup for the International Republican Institute between 2003 and 2004, were presented at a Gallup Europe lunch debate in Brussels on 19 May. Other remarkable findings of the surveys:

  • people in Kazakhstan and Georgia are optimistic about their future, but Moldovans are quite pessimistic;
  • jobs and employment and poverty are the main issues on people’s minds;
  • the church and the media are the most trusted institutions in the three countries;
  • all three populations name strong leaders (such as Stalin or Vlad Tepes in Moldova) as the “heroes for our times”

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