Commission presents new initiatives to make institutions work better

The Commission on 5 June proposed a first set of
initiatives to fulfil the commitment of the White Paper on
Governance to make the European institutions work

The Commission set of initiatives entail:

  • an
    Inter-institutional Agreement

    : this agreement should limit the content of Directives
    to its bare necessities at EU level, promote impact
    assessment of proposed EP and Council amendments and lead
    to quicker adoption of legislation.

  • an
    Action Plan for Better Regulation

    : this plan identifies improvements at each step of the
    legislative cycle, such as including in clear language
    why the initiative is needed at EU level.

  • more
    “open and equitable consultation”

    : the Commission wants a stronger culture of consultation
    and dialogue between the different EU actors; the
    Commission will improve ‘EurLex’, the overview of EU
    legislation on Internet;

  • impact assessment

    : for major new initiatives the social, economic and
    environmental impact will be assessed when shaping


On 7 November 2000, the EU public administration ministers
met in Strasbourg to discuss issues such as civil service
reform, e-government, quality of public services, and
better regulation. They established the High Level
Consultative Group, chaired by Dieudonné Mandelkern,
and charged it with producing an initial report within four
months and a final report within a year. The Group better
known as the Mandelkern Group was made up of senior experts
in better regulation from every Member State. Officials
from the Commission's Secretariat-General participated as
observers. The Group adopted its final report in November
2001. It was considered by the Heads of State at the Laeken
European Council in December 2001.


  • Other follow-up actions on governance would be
    presented "after the summer".

And, if the Commission initiatives are adopted by the
Council, the Commission is thinking of the following

  • progressive introduction from 2003 onwards of a
    system to include in each policy initiative an overview
    of the steps taken and the consultation held;
  • set up a database providing information on the
    various bodies currently consulted;
  • gradual application of an impact assessment system
    from 2003 onwards.


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