Commission to present new proposal on driving restrictions

The Commission plans to set up a notification procedure for all driving restrictions for heavy lorries that Member States want to introduce. It wants to ascertain their compliance with the Treaty before rather than after they are implemented.

In the past, the Commission has made several attempts at harmonising driving bans for heavy lorries across the Community. It has tabled two draft Directives, both of which met with fierce opposition by the Member States claiming sole competence in this issue.

The Commission will now present a third draft, requiring the Member States merely to inform the Commission of all restrictive measures at least six months before they are implemented. Prior control should enable the Commission to establish whether or not the planned measures are compatible with the EU principles of free movement of goods and non-discrimination.

The text will also introduce a European road information system to inform road hauliers and professional drivers about all driving restrictions in force throughout the Community. This goes back to an earlier proposal made by the Parliament when reviewing a previous draft of the Directive.


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