Eurobarometer reveals divergence of attitudes to the US

A comparative study of public opinion in the current and future EU Member States, released by the Commission on 22 July, confirms that Western and Eastern Europe largely differ in their attitudes to the US.

The comparative study, based on the Eurobarometer surveys in the 15 current and 10 future Member States, as well as in the three candidate countries, shows that citizens across the continent are equally concerned with unemployment, crime and the economic situation.

The comparative study also reveals high level of support for joint decision-making at European level on defence and foreign policy, for an EU constitution and for each Member State to retain a representative in the Commission.

However, the two groups of countries do differ in their attitude to the United States. The future Member States have a more positive view of the US role in ensuring peace, fighting terrorism and poverty, assisting economic growth and protecting the environment.

Support for EU membership and trust in the Union has grown over the past six months in the future Member States and candidates. All future members and candidates strongly support joining the euro, with the exception of Turkey.


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