Latest Eurobarometer shows surprisingly positive picture

Commissioner Wallström presented the EU’s Autumn 2004
Eurobarometer on 10 December. The poll shows broad support for a
European Constitution and a split between ‘new’ and ‘old’ Europe on
further enlargement.

Some of the main findings of Eurobarometer 62:

  • Europeans are more satisfied and more optimistic about their
  • Unemployment is the main concern for the citizens;
  • there is a big increase in satsfaction with EU membership (+8
    per cent);
  • citizens also seem to have a more positive perception of the EU
    (+6 per cent) – Sweden and the UK have the lowest scores on
    perception of the EU;
  • there is greater trust in the European Commission and the
    European Parliament; 
  • more than two thirds of respondents support the idea
    of ‘a’ European constitution [the survey warns that this does
    not necessarily mean for the current text];
  • there is a big increase in support for further enlargements of
    the EU, but these figures have to be qualified: the support for
    more enlargement is expressed mainly in the new member states;
    eleven of the ‘old’ 15 member states show much less support to
    enlarge the EU further (only 39% of the French and 36% of
    the Germans being in favour and Austrians being the
    most negative on this);
  • there are growing expectations for a real common foreign
  • Europeans have a negative image about the role of the US in the

The Eurobarometer survey 62 was carried out between October
and November 2004. It encompasses the 25 member states, the
candidate countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey) as well
as Northern Cyprus.

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