New member states to lead EU’s population decline by 2050

Eurostat’s population projections reveal a population increase in the EU-25 by 2025 and a decline after that. Overall, the EU’s population is set to decline, fuelled by the new member states.

The population of the EU-25 is to increase to 470.1 million by 2025 from 456.8 million on 1 January 2004. But by 2050, it will drop to 449.8 million, a new Eurostat study projects. The increase in the first period will be mainly due to net migration and the overall decrease will be fuelled by the new member states. 

In 2004, the population is estimated to have declined already in seven new member states. By 2025 five of the old member states will also experience a population decrease, including Germany, Spain and Italy. Strikingly, twenty EU countries are expected to have a shrinking population by 2050. 

The study has shown that the working age population will fall by 52 million by 2050. The share of this population group will decrease in the EU-25 from 67.2 per cent in 2004 to 56.7 per cent in 2050.

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