OLAF launches new website

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has launched a new website that will provide information on its activities in the field of fighting fraud and protecting the EU’s financial interests.

Mr Brüner Director-General of the European Antifraud Office, stated that the web is an important tool of OLAF’s communication strategy, through which citizens can be informed about the actions taken by the Office to protect the financial interests of the EU.

The website offers improved facilities for the media, such as the ‘Press Room’ with OLAF’s press releases, photos and audio-visual material.

The site also highlights the links with the principal national investigative services with which OLAF works. Co-operation with the partner services in the area of external communication has been facilitated by the creation of the OLAF Anti-Fraud Communicator’s Network, which groups the spokespersons and/or heads of information of the national services.


The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) was set up by the EU in 1999 to protect the financial interests of the Union, and to fight fraud, corruption and any other irregular activity, including misconduct within the EU institutions. OLAF conducts independent internal and external investigations. It also organises close and regular co-operation between the competent authorities of the Member States in order to co-ordinate their activities. It contributes to the design of the EU anti-fraud strategy.


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