Parliament adopts report on external relations in transport

Earlier than expected, the Parliament plenary voted on 11 March 2003 on Brian Simpson’s (PES-UK) own-initiative report on external relations in transport.

The Parliament has adopted a report calling on the EU to become a full member of the IMO and ICAO to avoid inconsistencies between EU and international transport rules (seeEURACTIV 20 February 2003).

Only recently, IMO Secretary-General William O'Neil has travelled to Brussels to meet EU Transport Commissioner Loyola de Palacio over issues of maritime safety. Both sides agreed that the timetables for phasing out single-hull tankers need to be harmonised, and further action better coordinated. The Commissioner also recalled the proposal for obtaining an early EU membership at IMO.

The report also urges the Member States to give the Commission a mandate as soon as possible to take up negotiations with the US for a transatlantic common aviation area. In this respect, the Commission has already drafted a mandate that needs to be approved by the Council (see

EURACTIV 27 February 2003).


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