Prodi pledges fraud shakeup

Before the end of 2003, Commission President Romano Prodi will publish a Communication on the overhaul of the rules of procedure of OLAF, the Commission’s anti-fraud unit.

Addressing MEPs in the Parliament's Budgetary Control Committee on 18 November, Mr Prodi said he was launching reforms at OLAF in the wake of the unresolved multi-million euro scandal at the EU's statistical agency, Eurostat. The Court of Auditors refused to certify the EU's 2002 accounts for the ninth successive year because of the persistence of "shortcomings caused by weaknesses in the design of the accounting system". "I have never said we have done everything perfectly", Mr Prodi told MEPs.

Mr Prodi also confirmed the introduction of an early warning procedure obliging Directors-General to immediately inform the Commission of any facts engaging the individual or collective responsibility of Members of the EU executive.


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