Prodi wants public hearing on Eurostat

Commission President Romano Prodi does not
consider it necessary to hold the European Parliament’s hearing
on alleged fraud at Eurostat behind closed door, according to
his spokesman.

Mr Prodi's spokesman, Mr Reijo Kemppinen, said that the
Commission's president would not mind if the hearing in the
European Parliament took place in public. He explained that
the decision by the heads of political groups in the
European Parliament to hold the meeting behind closed door
was not taken at the Commission's request.

A group of members of the European
Parliament has protested against the decision not to hold
the hearing in public. MEP Paulo Cassaca, who is going to
participate in the hearing, said that "the culture of
secrecy is one of the reasons for the deterioration of the

Commission President Romano Prodi is
scheduled to appear before Conference of Presidents of the
European Parliament on 25 September to clarify the alleged
case of fraud at the Commission's statistics office, the
Eurostat (see also




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