Study sheds light on EU-Romania negotiations

Vasile Puscas, university professor and EU chief negotiator has published a study on Romanian accession negotiations and urges the EU to revise its negotiation and communication policy.

The presentation of “A Case Study: Romania’s accession to the European Union” took place at the EURACTIV office in Brussels on 15 November 2006. High-ranking guests were present at the event with the author himself and Commissioner Jan Figel, Commissioner-designate Leonard Orban, as well as Romanian Ambassador Lazar Comanescu and Professor Alberto Gasparini.

The key message of the book is that Europe in the 21st century needs to focus more on negotiation, internally as well as externally. Puscas told EURACTIV that when the EU communicates with its citizens, “it is not only important to inform, but also to explain its policies to local communities”. He thinks that the EU could benefit greatly from better negotiating and communicating, which would bring more “coherence, transparency and efficiency”.

Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism Jan Figel emphasised: “The current enlargement process is unprecedented and a historical one.” He also added: “We need to communicate more. This is our homework in the Union to make further steps more successful.”

Ambassador Comanescu said that the book was a “small but important contribution. The book will be a help for those who aim at joining the EU.”

Prof. Dr. Alberto Gasparini, President of the International University Institute for European Studies Gorizia and Publisher of the book,  recommended the work to  students and researchers of European construction, “because it is based on the experience of Vasile Puscas, as chief negotiator, and also on the quality of specialist in international relations and European negotiations of Professor Vasile Puscas”. 

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